14 September 2008

Lauris Reiniks in a duet song with his sister Rūta!

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The new Lauris Reiniks’s single is reaching all radio stations in Latvia this week, informs Record Label “Microphone Records”. A song “Es esmu tev dzīslās” (I am in your veins) is Lauris’s duet song with his sister Ruta and the first single from his forthcoming album. An idea of recording a song together with musicians’ sister arose this summer when Lauris returned from acting studies in Los Angeles. Ruta was there for the first three months as well studying at a language institute. They both were there for each other almost all the time and realized the importance and strength of family ties.


“People had asked me so many times when am I finally going to record a song with my sister. I guess I was just waiting for the right moment and feeling. And, yes, this was the moment to do that”, tells Lauris remarking with a smile that he is proud that the most beautiful one has joined the list of all his previous female duets partners. “She really did a great job in a studio and I am very satisfied with a result”.

“I was happy when Lauris offered me to sing with him and I really like how Lauris’s music goes together with Martins Freimanis’s lyrics. It sounds really good and emotional”, says Ruta previously known as Lauris’s back vocalist and a member of girl bands “VIA Meitenes” and “Déj? vu”. A music video for a song is going to be filmed soon.

An English version of a song called “You Know The Reason” will come out as Lauris’s solo song and was co-written by the recognized songwriter and lyricist Gordon Pogoda from Los Angeles.

You can download a full version of a duet “Es Esmu Tev Dzīslās” on Doremi.lv