27 April 2011

Lauris Reiniks “Aš Bėgu” – “Song of the Year” in Lithuania!

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On April 25, 2011, live from Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania “TV3 Lithuania” broadcast super finals and awards ceremony  of the popular TV show “Vaikų balsas 2011”. A song “Aš Bėgu” by Lauris Reiniks won the nomination of “Song of the Year” in Lithuania. “Aš Bėgu” is a Lithuanian version of Lauris’ Latvian smash “Es skrienu”.

“Aš Bėgu” has become a real hit in Lithuania, previously doing well also on the LNK show “Lietuvos Daina” (Song of Lithuania).

“Vaikų Balsas” TV show is similar to “Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards” in United States and 9 statues are given away every year in Lithuania. Lauris Reiniks was nominated in 2 categories “Performer of the Year” and “Song of the Year”. While the Lithuanian super star Marijonas Mikutavičius went home as a “Perfomer of the Year” leaving Lauris second, “Song of the Year” trophy ended up in Lauris’s hands thanks to live televoting  results of Lithuanian people . “Aš Bėgu” officially became a “Song of the Year” in Lithuania.

“Thank you so much, Lithuania! I am really surprised and happy about this special award ! Audience opinion has always been the most important to me, because that’s what I work for. And when kids and teenagers express their opinions that’s even more valuable, because they always say what they think! I really feel wecomed in Lithuania and I am very happy that you have accepted me as yours even though I am Latvian. I really appreciate your love and trust! “, says Lauris.

During superfinals of the show Lauris Reiniks also presented his new song in Lithuanian called “Pasaka”(Fairytale) that he performed in a duet with Monika (Monika Bleikša) a girl from Latvia who’s mother is Lithuanian, but father- Latvian. Until that night Lithuanian audience knew Monika only by her her voice as she did voice-over in Lithuanian for “Aš begu” music video. Soon the official music video of  “Pasaka” will be released.


It is planned that eventually Lauris Reiniks will release his debut album in Lithuania under “Microphone Records” label!

As reported previously, the same day in Estonia “Linnamuinasjutt”  the Estonian version of his “Pasakā” song and video in a duet with Luisa Vark was presented on radio and TV. Check out the official music video: