17 July 2012

Lauris Reiniks Releases New Song for Baltic states!

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Lauris Reiniks has prepared a new musical surprise for his fans in Estonia, Lithuania and homeland Latvia. On July 18, Radio Elmar (Estonia), Radiocentras (Lithuania), Latvijas Radio 2 (Latvia) presented his new song – “Süda vaikselt närbub”, “Širdis sudegus tyliai” and “Sirds sadeg neparasti”. The same night the music video of this song was available online and on Lauris Reiniks Official Facebook page in all 3 Baltic languages.

“Süda vaikselt närbub” and “Širdis sudegus tyliai” are Estonian and Lithuanian versions of Lauris Reiniks Latvian super hit “Sirds Sadeg Neparasti” that was originally released in 2002 and received all major music awards in Latvia. Radio Hit of the year, Most Valuable song and Most played song on Radio and TV. “Süda vaikselt närbub” was created together with Estonian actor and writer Laur Lumper (Tõnu Oja) , but “Širdis sudegus tyliai” was made in collaboration with Lithuanian writer and poet Justinas Jankevičius.


A music video of this song is one of the most dramatic and emotional music videos of Lauris Reiniks. Filmed in a sea town of Pavilosta and directed by Aija Strazdina. “If two hearts love each other, they have to love each other till the end” is the idea of story in a video. “This is a very serious and deep story, also very actual and important. We all know or have heard of at least one person who’s been in this difficult situation”, explains Lauris hoping that Estonian and Lithuanian people will like this song and video. A girl role in the video is played by Monika Vaičiulyte from Lithuanian Drama Theater.

All 3 versions are available for download on muusika24.ee, doremi.lv and iTunes.

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